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Wholesale and Interconnection Billing Platform for mobile, fixed and internet service providers

I-CONN™ Wholesale and Interconnection Billing Platform supports the evolving business needs of today’s Telecom Service Providers. The comprehensive and converged solution with state of the art functionality and capabilities corresponds to the complex billing scene of the modern telecommunications operators. It is a billing solution ready to integrate fixed network services, policy based mobile service, recurring charges, one time charges etc. as well as the rapid introduction of new applications due to innovative data offerings and data charging use scenarios.

Our intuitive web application provides a modular service enabling concept in order to give more flexibility to satisfy our customers’ specific needs.

Interconnection Billing Platform


With the use of innovative technology we are able to process billions of records more reliably, and much faster than traditional solutions. Currently there are nine (9) instances of I-CONN™ installed within seven (7) mobile and fixed networks operators across Europe. It is already proven that the solution significantly reduces the requirement for hardware and the quantity of software licenses needed.

Additionally the supporting and operating costs can be considerably reduced. The daily use of the wholesale billing system is simple and user friendly so it does not require highly skilled personnel. It also facilitates planning for group operators to roll out to new countries and networks worldwide.



I-CONN™ is an innovative system, based on the latest generation of software products and interfaces allowing fast adoption by our customers. It does not require specific local installations and works just like a desktop application but instead via a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome etc.


  • An operating system agnostic solution (Works on UNIX, Linux, and even Windows)
  • Currently tens of billions of records per month are processed in one I-CONN™ installation
  • Saves disc memory space which decreases the cost of the system
  • Reduces requirements for Data Base Management System licenses that are typically used in the telecom environment


Shortens the period for issuing wholesale invoices and the invoice delivery is guaranteed by us within the agreed deadlines. The reprocessing procedure for a whole month is significantly reduced even in the most sophisticated & largest installations taking less than 8 hours from start to finish. I-CONN™ offers a huge performance increase when compared to the traditional billing systems we have replaced which required 2 to 3 days to complete the same procedure.

Business Cases


  • Billing standard national and international traffic between operators – 2G, 3G voice and data, SMS/MMS
  • Third party invoicing to large customers like SMS banking, utility payments, parking, and value added services etc.
  • National roaming for new entrants in the telecom market
  • Traffic to 4G LTE networks, both LTE signalling and SS7 based
  • Traffic invoicing for special and ported numbers, leased lines etc.
  • Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) invoicing allowing the introduction of new wholesale partners such as petrol stations, retail chains etc.


  • After I-CONN™ deployments, Telecom Service Providers have experienced a decrease in operating and support costs of 50% on average.
  • I-CONN™ is ready for SaaS (Software as a Service) deployments which could be remotely monitored and managed without onsite support.
  • I-CONN™ is prepared to deal with noteworthy increase in new billing and charging use cases, driven by the need to support digital economy services.
  • I-CONN™ guarantees short Time to Market for new services as well the effective monetising of services which has become a key pillar of success for Telecom Service Providers.
  • The fast migration and integration of I-CONN™ is proven by our deployment history (5 to 12 moths).
  • I-CONN™ is built on a modular concept, and therefore is easily customisable. For example first billing for mobile telephony, then SMS and fixed lines, national and international billing and so on and so forth.
Finance Advantages
Success Stories


  • Seven operators within a telecom group are running their own I-CONN™ instances on a single hardware platform via virtualisation.
  • Recently we replaced a legacy billing system consisting of two 16 Core High-end HP/UX servers that served 4 mobile operators with I-CONN™. Our platform now processes the billing data from the 4 mobile operators plus additional data from 5 more operators, using only one of the servers that the old system used.
  • The regular support price of a typical Enterprise Database Management  System for a low end processor is about USD 25.000 per year, per core. The cost of a license is an additional 20% of the above value (of 25k). Even with a huge discount from like 50%, I-CONN™ saves USD 140.000 – 180.000 per year just by minimizing the server installations.
If you're looking for information on a specific product or service, please contact us on +43-(0)1-3071027 or drop us an email and we'll be in touch shortly. Our offices are based in Vienna, Austria and Sofia, Bulgaria and are easily accessible via rail, motorway or bus. Get in touch!